Welcome to my website!


My name is Vladic Daniluk


I was born in Moscow, Russia in 1968, but I have been living in Sweden permanently since 1992. My main hobbies and passion is knife making and fly-fishing. I started forging in a forge that was built 1775, located in my village ‘cultural centre’ . The workshop was in a pretty bad shape, so I had to renovate it in order to make it a functioning place to work. A bit of modernization was of course needed, such as a ‘modern’ forge with a fan etc.


In 2004 I met Roger Bergh at a knife show, and he helped me out with different questions I had regarding blade forging. With Rogers guidance I have constructed a propane-forge and all sorts of equipment to make forging a pleasure. I visited him several times at his workshop to learn about advanced Damascus-forging and after a while I was really hooked!


In 2006 I decided to set up a proper workshop at my own place. Meanwhile I had studied all sorts of books and theories about metallurgy including the secrets of Wootz, which really is an interesting subject.


For me it is very important to know the process that the steel goes through in the forging – quenching and heat treating process. So my theoretical process have not been in vain, but a source of inspiration and a help to develop a blade that has all the qualities of the toughest and most durable blades available today. My strive is to create the ultimate steel of today and still make it a pleasure for the eye. The task of the blacksmith is to refine and better the steel he uses and that is not always the easiest road to walk.


When I forge Damascus I feel very much like an artist. It’s like painting with steel on our ‘palette’. It is a world of limitless possibilities, and it is only your imagination that puts up the boundaries. To make the perfect blade you need lots of knowledge and patience, and that is my goal to achieve through hard work and experimenting. Some results of these efforts I want to share with you at my website.




/ Vladic


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